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Key dates

1963/born in Johannesburg

1974/leaves South Africa for France

2013/first visit to South Africa in 32 years


I was born in 1963 into a middle class family in Johannesburg. I had a happy childhood. At age 11, my mother took me and my two brothers to France.

In France, I rapidly became aware that I came from a "bad place", people often suggesting that I should be ashamed of being South African. I don't think that one can fight prejudice with prejudice, so, I have never lied about my origins, no matter how much I came to dispise the apartheid regime, or how many sanctimonious people refused to talk to me.

I eventually took French citizenship to avoid South African conscription, and to be able to travel (a South African passport was no asset at that time).

In 1981, I settled in Bordeaux, as an art student first and then, when I had finished my studies, as a freelance 3d artist. Since then, I have done a variety of jobs in different fields of graphic design, without ever stopping my own artistic research.

I am now an independant "imagesmith". My activities range from 3d renderings for architects to mainstream graphic design, working on major projects that combine art and architecture and my personnal work as an artist using painting, photography and the possibilities of CAA (computer aided art).